Correcting Botched Tummy Tucks

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Dr. Earl Stephenson

Achieve the Results You Deserve with a Revision Procedure

A tummy tuck is intended to provide patients with smoother, more defined, and slimmer contours. However, in some cases, a tummy tuck procedure may not go as planned, leading to unsatisfactory results and unhappy patients. Thankfully, a revision tummy tuck performed by a highly experienced and qualified plastic surgeon can address and correct these issues, giving patients the beautiful results they initially desired.

There are several reasons why a patient may require a tummy tuck revision:

  1. Unusual Scarring: Excessive or unsightly scars may be evident after a poorly executed tummy tuck.
  2. Uneven Fat Distribution: A poorly performed tummy tuck can result in the appearance of a “shelf” or uneven distribution of fat tissue on the abdomen.
  3. Contour Irregularities: Lumps, bumps, or an irregular texture of the skin can occur due to a poorly executed tummy tuck.
  4. Misshapen Belly Button: Moving the belly button is a part of the tummy tuck procedure. When this is done incorrectly, the belly button may appear unattractive or misshapen.
  5. Weight Fluctuation: While not directly related to a botched tummy tuck, significant weight fluctuations can necessitate revision surgery.
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During a revision tummy tuck, various surgical techniques are employed to correct the issues that arose from the initial procedure. The process begins with a thorough consultation, physical examination, and analysis of the problem. An experienced plastic surgeon will assess the original problem, the surgical technique used, the aftercare provided, any complications, healing process, and other relevant factors.

Depending on the specific issue, the revision tummy tuck may involve addressing misshapen or discolored belly buttons, removing excess skin that was not adequately addressed in the initial procedure, or addressing more complex problems within the surgical technique itself.

If you have undergone a tummy tuck and are dissatisfied with the results, I encourage you to schedule a consultation to discuss your concerns and problems. As a qualified plastic surgeon, I am here to address your needs and provide you with the best solution to correct the issues caused by a botched abdominoplasty. Your satisfaction and achieving the desired results are my top priorities.”

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Dr. Earl Stephenson