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Male Chest Contouring

Let your inner strength and self-confidence shine through. Say goodbye to any insecurities and welcome a more masculine contour that embodies strength, power, and self assuredness.

Dr. Stephenson offers the solution to gynecomastia, a common condition where excess glandular breast tissue and fat cells form in a man’s chest. While the condition is not medically harmful, gynecomastia can significantly impact your psychological well-being and even contribute to destructive behaviors.

At ESJ Aesthetics. Dr. Stephenson specializes in removing excess male breast tissue, giving you a sculpted and masculine chest that exudes confidence. By combining the complete removal of excess tissue beneath the areola with liposuction, we achieve exceptional results in just two hours. Not only is the procedure relatively quick, but the recovery is also manageable, allowing you to get back to your daily routine in no time. This life-changing surgery not only enhances your physical appearance but also significantly improves your quality of life and overall well-being.

Types of Gynecomastia

Gynecomastia of Puberty

Idiopathic gynecomastia, also known as puberty gynecomastia or adolescent gynecomastia, is the most common presentation of this condition. Many individuals experience the development of gynecomastia during puberty, and for some, it persists throughout their lives.

During this transformative phase of life, young boys undergo hormonal changes that lead to the development of secondary sex characteristics such as hair growth, a deeper voice, and acne. It’s not uncommon for tissue growth behind the nipples to occur, which can cause discomfort and tenderness. Typically, this tissue regresses within a year. However, in unfortunate cases, the growth persists and evolves into established gynecomastia.

Dr. Stephenson and his team understand the emotional impact gynecomastia can have on individuals who have experienced it since their teenage years. Our compassionate team is here to provide you with the support and expert care you need to address this condition.

Bodybuilder’s Gynecomastia

A new category of gynecomastia patients has emerged is a growing concern among, namely Bodybuilders and Fitness enthusiasts. This surge in numbers of gynecomastia can be attributed to the widespread use of steroids, hormones, supplements, and various substances aimed at enhancing fitness levels and defying the effects of time.

Gynecomastia often develops as a result of using these substances, which disrupt the balance of sex hormones, leading to the growth of gynecomastia tissue. Individuals in this category can recount a time in their lives when they started taking these substances and experienced the onset of gynecomastia shortly afterward. Many of them desire to continue their fitness journey without the constant worry of recurring gynecomastia after treatment.

Gynecomastia of Obesity and/or Weight Loss

This category of gynecomastia patients encompasses men who find themselves far from their ideal Body Mass Index (BMI) due to excess weight. In the midst of a nationwide obesity epidemic, where a staggering 60 percent of Americans are classified as overweight, It is no secret that weight gain leads to the accumulation of fatty tissue throughout the body, including the male chest causing distress and discomfort for those affected.

The hidden effects of excess fat on the delicate hormonal tissue beneath the nipple-areola complexes can lead to the development of gynecomastia. Regrettably, shedding pounds alone cannot eliminate gynecomastia, as the affected tissue becomes fibrotic and unresponsive to anything other than surgical intervention. If there’s one compelling reason to avoid excessive weight gain, it’s the genuine concern of developing gynecomastia.

Furthermore, it’s crucial to note that individuals in this category often face the additional challenge of dealing with skin removal treatments, which frequently result in visible scars across the chest. The stretched skin loses its elasticity, necessitating further procedures. The undeniable link between weight gain and gynecomastia highlights the importance of maintaining a healthy weight to prevent this distressing condition.

Senior Gynecomastia

This is an overlooked reality, gynecomastia in older men. As men age, their hormone levels undergo a significant shift, leading to the development of gynecomastia tissue. Unfortunately, this group has not received the attention it deserves. The combination of hormonal changes, age-related loss of skin elasticity, and a tendency to gain weight creates the perfect storm for a larger, sagging chest.

Medical Gynecomastia

Men who consume certain medications or have medical issues are part of the fifth most common category. While several drugs have been linked to the development of gynecomastia, only a select few have been definitively associated with this condition. These include spironolactone, Ketoconazole, Cimetidine, Estrogens, Anti-Androgens, and more. Additionally, Risperidone has shown a high likelihood of being associated with gynecomastia.

Furthermore, gynecomastia can also stem from various medical conditions such as Klinefelter syndrome, liver and kidney ailments, hormone disorders like pituitary insufficiency, and many others. Inadequate testosterone levels, known as “hypogonadism,” are also linked to this condition.


Approach and Process

Rest assured, you will receive the highest level of care and comfort throughout the procedure. Under the administration of general anesthesia, Dr. Stephenson will skillfully perform a customized surgical approach tailored to your unique anatomy.

Using precise techniques, small and strategically placed incisions will be made under your arms, around your nipples, or on the fold of your breast to address your specific needs. Dr. Stephenson’s expertise allows him to often perform the surgery through an incision on the border of your areola, seamlessly blending the scar with the natural variations in your skin tone.

To achieve optimal results, liposuction is typically incorporated to remove excess fat and create a harmonious contour. Dr. Stephenson will then directly excise any surplus breast tissue, meticulously sculpting your chest to match your desired outcome. The incisions will be carefully closed with stitches, ensuring a clean and refined appearance.

As part of your recovery journey, you will be provided with a compression vest to wear for several weeks. This essential garment promotes healing and helps maintain the newly sculpted contours of your chest. Dr. Stephenson’s commitment to your well-being extends beyond the surgery itself. He will personally see you for a follow-up appointment just 48 hours after your procedure. During this visit, he will change your dressings, provide detailed instructions for postoperative care, and offer guidance to enhance your recovery.

Embark on Your Transformation!

With Dr. Stephenson’s exceptional care and expertise, you can look forward to a renewed sense of confidence. Yaka the first steps to a more masculine and contoured chest with our Atlanta gynecomastia surgery. Schedule your consultation with Dr. Stephenson today!

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