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Eyelid Contouring

Unleash the power of your eyes, as they become a captivating canvas of endless possibilities. You can emphasize your unique allure and create a mesmerizing impact that leaves others spellbound.

When someone has gorgeous eyes, their entire face lights up with a mesmerizing appeal. No matter how attractive the rest of their features may be, it’s those eyes that truly make them look wonderful.

That’s why eyelid surgery is such a popular and beneficial procedure. The eyelids play a crucial role in framing the eyes, but they also have their own importance.

Puffy or droopy lids can make you appear older, tired, or even unwell. We all know the impact that eyes have on our perception of health and well-being. Just think about how a mother’s first concern is her child’s eyes when they’re sick or recovering. We’ve all experienced those days when our eyes give away a poor night’s sleep or the effects of crying.

Not only that, but excess upper eyelid skin can also make it difficult to apply mascara. It can even cause us to constantly raise our eyebrows, which leads to unwanted forehead lines. Ease your worries! Blepharoplasty, or eyelid surgery, can address all of these concerns and more. It’s no wonder that it has remained one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures for decades.

So, if you’re ready to unlock the true power of your beautiful eyes and enhance your overall appearance, eyelid surgery might just be the perfect solution for you. Let us help you bring out the best in your eyes and experience the transformative effects for yourself.

Natural Eyelid Lift

It’s crucial to approach the removal of lower eyelid skin with caution, as even the smallest amount can significantly affect the appearance of the eye. The primary reason for removing skin from the lower eyelids is to address loose or redundant skin and create a smoother, tighter look. However, the delicate nature of the eyelid means that even the slightest removal of skin can sometimes cause the lower eyelid to be pulled down.

When this happens, there can be an excessive show of the lower outer white portion of the eye, and the natural sharpness and crispness of the area where the upper and lower eyelids meet can be lost. This not only makes the eyelid less attractive but also gives it an unnatural appearance. While many non-plastic surgeons may not specifically identify this issue, most people can sense that something is not quite right with the appearance of the eyelids.

One significant factor that can contribute to an unnatural look is the removal of too much fat from the upper or lower eyelids. As we age, some individuals develop fat bulges in these areas, which need to be smoothed out. Sometimes, this requires the removal of a small amount of fat, while in other cases, it involves adding fat to the depressed areas adjacent to the bulges. In the past, plastic surgeons would often remove as much fat as possible, resulting in an overly hollowed-out appearance that clearly indicates surgery.

When you browse through Dr. Stephenson’s eyelift before and after client photos, you’ll notice how he achieves substantial improvements without leaving any off-putting suggestions of surgery. His expertise lies in creating natural-looking results that enhance your appearance without compromising your unique features. By trusting Dr. Stephenson, you can rest assured that your eyelids will undergo a transformation that looks beautifully refreshed and rejuvenated, without any telltale signs of intervention.

Upper Eyelid Lift

Enhancing the beauty of your eyes can truly transform your entire appearance. That’s why the upper eyelift, also known as an upper blepharoplasty, is such a sought-after procedure. It goes beyond just improving your looks; it helps you convey a vibrant and youthful energy through your eyes, which are windows to your personality.

Excessive upper eyelid skin can have both cosmetic and functional implications. It can make you look older and tired, and applying makeup becomes a challenge. Additionally, the weight of the excess skin can strain your eyes, leading to prominent forehead lines and even affect your vision. But the good news is that an upper blepharoplasty can effectively address these concerns.

Dr. Stephenson understands the delicate balance between achieving a natural, rejuvenated look and avoiding the “surgical look.” His expertise and artistic approach ensure that your upper eyelid lift will bring out the best in your eyes, without compromising the harmony of your face.

Not only is the procedure relatively comfortable, but the recovery period is also short. In fact, many patients choose to combine it with other facial surgeries to achieve a comprehensive transformation.
It’s important to note that both men and women can benefit from an upper blepharoplasty. Dr. Stephenson’s meticulous technique ensures that the resulting scars are inconspicuous, leaving you looking naturally refreshed and more beautiful. So, if you’re looking to enhance the beauty and vitality of your eyes, an upper eyelid lift might be the perfect solution for you.

Lower Eyelid Lift

When it comes to the lower eyelids, the primary concern is often excess fat rather than excess skin. This causes a bulging appearance and can be quite bothersome. The good news is that there are specialized lower eyelid lift techniques that specifically target these issues.

One technique is transconjunctival blepharoplasty, the excess fat is removed through a hidden scar inside the eyelid. No external stitches or scars are involved, ensuring a discreet and inconspicuous healing process. In some cases where there is also excess skin, a tiny incision below the lower lashes allows for the removal of a small amount of skin.

Another technique is a subcillary blepharoplasty specifically designed to address significant excess skin and fat. The skin is removed, and fat is removed or repositioned through a fine incision in a lower eyelid crease below the lower lash line. Dissolvable external stitches are used to ensure a discreet and inconspicuous healing process.

It’s worth mentioning that in the past, some surgeons would remove too much fat from the lower eyelids, resulting in a somewhat hollowed appearance. However, Dr. Stephenson understands the importance of maintaining a balanced and natural look. His goal is to create a flat yet full contour for the lower eyelids, restoring a beautiful and youthful shape.

It’s important to remember that as we age, we naturally lose support and some volume around the eyes. That’s why it’s crucial not to remove any more fat than necessary during the procedure. Dr. Stephenson’s expertise ensures that your lower eyelids regain their youthful and vibrant appearance without compromising their natural fullness.

So, if you’re looking to address the issue of excess fat in your lower eyelids and restore a more youthful shape, a lower eyelid lift/blepharoplasty might be the perfect solution for you. Trust Dr. Stephenson’s skill and aesthetic sensibilities to help you achieve the beautiful and harmonious look you desire.

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