“To lose confidence in one’s body is to lose confidence in oneself.” – Simone de Beauvoir

Breast Revision

At times. life's circumstances may have led you down unexpected paths, but it's never too late to reclaim your sense of self-worth and embrace the essence of your femininity.

Breast revision surgery is an opportunity for you to address any concerns or desires you may have regarding a previous breast surgery. Whether it was a breast augmentation, breast reconstruction, mastopexy, breast reduction, or even a prior breast revision procedure, this procedure can help make things right for you. There are a variety of reasons why clients choose to undergo breast revision surgery. Perhaps your body has changed since your original surgery, and you want to restore symmetry and balance. Maybe you’re not completely satisfied with the cosmetic outcome of your previous procedure, and you long for a more aesthetically pleasing result.

Capsular Contracture

The most common revision needed after breast augmentation is capsular contracture treatment. It is believed to be caused by bacterial contamination or blood around the implant. While there is evidence supporting these theories, the exact cause of capsular contracture remains unknown. Dr. Stephenson can minimize the risk by performing precise surgery, avoiding bacterial contamination, and recommending early activity.


When a saline implant leaks, it deflates gradually, creating a noticeable change. If a silicone implant ruptures it is contained within the breast pocket. Sometimes silicone rupture is associated with discomfort but often it is silent. The treatment for either deflation or rupture involves removing and replacing the implant. If it has been a long time since the original surgery, you may need to consider replacing both implants. You can also think about switching to a different size or switching to silicone implants. If you decide to go for a larger implant, the pocket around the implant may need to be enlarged, and the other breast may require surgery to achieve a balanced look. While this situation is not an emergency, it is easier to perform the surgery within the first few weeks after the deflation or rupture.

Abnormal Position

Improperly positioned breast implants can result in an unnatural appearance. If the implant is too high, there will be a bulge at the upper part of the breast and the nipple may droop. If the implants are too close together, the skin may tent over the breastbone, causing the breasts to appear joined together, known as symmastia or “uniboob.” Placing the implants too low can result in an empty upper breast and upwardly tipped nipples. If the implants are positioned too far apart, cleavage may be lacking, and the nipples may point inward. A beautiful breast has the right balance of volume above and below the nipple, as well as to the inside and outside of the nipple.

At ESJ Aesthetics, our mission is to assist you in attaining the effortlessly stunning and harmonious look you envision. We empathize with your individual aspirations after your initial procedure, and we’re committed to making sure those aspirations are fulfilled. Through Dr. Stephenson’s breast revision surgery, we can empower you to reclaim your confidence and experience genuine satisfaction with the appearance of your breasts.

Breast Implant Removal (Explantation)

Breast implant removal is a decision that is not often made unless a patient is seeking an implant replacement or exchange. However, there are times when it becomes a choice, entwined with a heartfelt desire for a breast lift or mastopexy. It’s completely normal for our bodies to change over time due to various factors like pregnancy, hormonal fluctuations, and weight fluctuations. If you’re experiencing discomfort, increased scar tissue, or simply not happy with the aesthetics anymore, don’t worry. Dr. Stephenson understands your concerns and uses specialized techniques to safely remove the implants, hardened tissue, and minimize future scarring. You deserve a natural-looking and attractive outcome that makes you feel confident and beautiful.


Discover a groundbreaking solution of GalaFLEX™ that will transform your aesthetic breast surgery experience. Depending on the degree of skin stretch and laxity, weight-loss history, and breast size, many breast surgery patients require additional internal support to maintain a beautiful shape. ESJ Aesthetics, GalaFLEX™ is a new option for soft-tissue reinforcement to help prevent sagging after first time breast surgery or to reduce the chance of recurring sagging following a breast lift or mastopexy, breast augmentation, or breast reduction. GalaFLEX™ is derived from 4HB is a type of biopolymer called polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHAs). PHAs are substances found in nature that microorganisms use to store and release energy. Unlike other polymers used for soft tissue support, 4HB is made through a special fermentation process using natural ingredients, rather than being made using chemicals. Approved by the FDA, GalaFLEX™ is a resorbable internal hammock or “internal bra” for soft tissue reinforcement. GalaFLEX™ promotes the growth of tissue to become a more long-lasting natural support.

Strattice™ and Alloderm™
Discover a groundbreaking solution of Strattice™ and Alloderm™ that will transform your aesthetic breast surgery experience. Strattice™ and Alloderm™ are innovative matrices designed to address common concerns such as abnormal implant position and internal scar and firmness (capsular contracture), allowing you to achieve the beautiful and natural results you’ve always desired. ADM (acellular dermal matrix) products have been observed to remarkably lower the incidence of capsular contracture. Dr. Stephenson has been offering the revolutionary Strattice™ and Alloderm™ to clients who have experienced recurrent unsatisfactory results.

Strattice™, derived from the skin of specially raised pigs, and Alloderm™, sourced from human donors, are remarkable solutions that offer numerous benefits. Some women may initially feel uncomfortable with the origins of these products, it is crucial to acknowledge the widespread use of animal-derived substances in medical procedures. Countless individuals have confidently received cow-derived collagen injections for lip enhancement, porcine (pig) insulin for the treatment of diabetes, clot-busting medication for stroke patients, and porcine (pig) derived parts for heart surgery.

Although the incorporation of GalaFLEX™, Strattice™, and Alloderm™ may increase the cost of revision breast surgery, it is important to recognize that they represent the only viable solution for some of the most challenging, frustrating, and disfiguring problems following breast augmentation surgery. Dr. Stephenson has successfully treated numerous clients that had multiple dissatisfying operations, finally achieving optimal results through the meticulous utilization of these innovative products.

During a comprehensive consultation, Dr. Stephenson offers his patients a thorough analysis of their individual situation. He ensures a deep understanding of the applicability and potential benefits that these groundbreaking products can provide. Put your trust in the authority and experience of Dr. Stephenson as he guides you towards a transformative and satisfying outcome.

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