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Chin & Neck Contouring

Define and enhance your profile, unveiling a remarkable symphony of grace and charm. Your facial profile transcends the ordinary and embraces the extraordinary.

If your chin is weak or positioned too far back, it can create an unbalanced facial profile. On the other hand, if your chin is too strong or positioned too far forward, it may give an unnatural and overly masculine appearance. Dr. Stephenson specializes in chin surgery, also known as genioplasty, to help clients in Atlanta achieve greater harmony between their facial features.

Natural Chin Contouring

Chin surgery aims to achieve a natural and visually pleasing profile. For women, the ideal chin position is at or slightly behind a line that connects the upper and lower lip. In men, the ideal position is at or just beyond this line. The aesthetically perfect chin position for women is determined by a line that touches the upper and lower lips, as well as the tip of the chin. By undergoing chin surgery, you can attain the ideal chin position that enhances your facial features and helps you feel more confident.

When it comes to chin surgery, there are two options to change the position of the chin: moving one’s own bone or using an artificial implant. In the field of plastic surgery, it is generally recommended to use a patient’s own tissue whenever possible. Fortunately, in the case of chin surgery, it is almost always feasible to utilize a patient’s own tissue. This allows the surgeon to permanently adjust the chin in three different directions, resulting in a more natural and long-lasting outcome.

Dr. Stephenson, an experienced plastic surgeon, prioritizes the use of a patient’s own tissue in chin procedures for his clients. This approach ensures a safer and more reliable outcome. Rest assured that by choosing this method, you are in good hands and can look forward to achieving the results you desire.

Chin implants

On the other hand, are not the preferred method for changing the chin position due to the potential risks associated with them, such as implant infection, malposition, and exposure over time. By opting for procedures that involve manipulating one’s own bone, these risks can be significantly reduced or even eliminated altogether.

Sliding Genioplasty

Experience the transformative power of a sliding advancement genioplasty. With the precise use of this special technique, your chin bone can be delicately adjusted, correcting your facial profile to perfection. Once in the ideal position, a titanium plate and screws ensure the bone remains securely fixed. Embrace the confidence of knowing that all incisions are made inside the mouth, leaving no visible scars on your skin. This innovative procedure will redefine your appearance and unlock a new level of self-assurance.

Reduction Genioplasty

Discover the power of transformation with a chin reduction procedure. If your chin is determined to be too far forward, our skilled technique allows for precise bone adjustment to achieve the desired position. The bone is securely fixed using state-of-the-art plates and screws. Rest assured, all incisions are made within the mouth, leaving no visible facial scars.

Jumping Genioplasty

Skillfully advancing the chin bone, we elevate its position to create a more balanced and captivating appearance. This innovative technique allows for a significant advancement and can even be used to shorten the chin if desired. The repositioned bone is expertly secured with the utmost precision, using advanced plates and screws.

Genioplasty with bone graft (Vertical Length)

Our groundbreaking procedure enhances and elongates your chin by seamlessly integrating a bone graft between the freed segments of the chin. The size of the graft determines the extent of the increase in length (height), allowing you to achieve the perfect balance. With meticulous precision, the bone segments are securely fastened using state-of-the-art plates and screws, ensuring a flawless and enduring result. All incisions are made within the mouth, leaving no visible facial scars.

Centering Genioplasty

This revolutionary approach to correcting an asymmetric chin offers two options: either reducing one side of the chin more than the other, or strategically placing a thicker bone graft on one side. By expertly centering the position of your chin, Dr. Stephenson effortlessly restores harmony and balance to your beautiful face. All incisions are made within the mouth, leaving no visible facial scars.

Two-Tier Genioplasty

Dr. Stephenson’s cutting-edge technique allows for the maximum advancement of your chin. This technique creates two separate bone segments that are carefully advanced, ensuring a step-like progression. These segments are then secured with state-of-the-art plates and screws, ensuring long-lasting results. All incisions are made within the mouth, leaving no visible facial scars.

Submental Liposuction (Double Chin)

Unlock the amazing benefits of submental liposuction! Say goodbye to self-consciousness and hello to a more youthful, defined profile. Experience the joy of a smoother, sculpted jawline and a beautifully contoured neckline. Bid farewell to that pesky double chin and embrace long-lasting results. With minimal scarring and a short procedure time, this transformative journey will boost your self-confidence to new heights. Prepare to radiate beauty and feel unstoppable!

Discover the power of submental liposuction in Atlanta! Say goodbye to stubborn fat and hello to a beautifully sculpted neck and jawline. Dr. Stephenson’s expertise can help you achieve a more youthful and refined appearance, boosting your confidence and making you feel your best. Don’t let unwanted fat hold you back from the look you desire. Take the first step towards a more defined and captivating neck contour today!

Experience the artistry of Dr. Stephenson’s submental liposuction technique. With three small “micro” incisions, strategically placed for optimal results, your journey to a more defined and sculpted neck begins. Whether performed under sedation or general anesthesia, rest assured that your comfort is our priority. For enhanced results, submental liposuction can be combined with chin augmentation surgery. Embrace the transformative power of this procedure and anticipate a speedy recovery with the support of a compressive neck dressing for one week. Trust Dr. Stephenson to create the masterpiece you deserve.

Dr. Stephenson can help you achieve a beautifully sculpted neck and defined jawline by providing submental liposuction. Don’t let genetic predisposition and age hold you back from the look you desire. Say goodbye to unwanted fat and hello to a more confident you.

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