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Let your inner diva shine with unrivaled elegance and grace. Harmonizing your feminine contours to enhance your natural beauty.

Unlock the secret to a transformed and captivating silhouette with liposuction, a timeless choice in plastic surgery. For decades, individuals have embraced the artistry of this procedure, entrusting surgeons to craft a body that exudes grace and allure. Liposuction effortlessly sculpts the contours of beauty, whether it’s under the chin, enhancing the chest and breast, refining the waist, or gracefully extending its impact down to the ankles.

Embark on a journey of aesthetic mastery as modern liposuction techniques unveil a realm of possibilities. With unparalleled precision, Dr. Stephenson can seamlessly smooth, contour, sculpt, and refine his clients’ bodies, turning aspirations into breathtaking realities. Say goodbye to bulges, as unwanted curves are gently smoothed away, areas of disproportion find harmonious balance, and beautiful physiques are elevated to new heights. The extraordinary results achieved through this transformative process leave patients ecstatic – old clothes regain a newfound allure, once-unwearable fashions become style statements, and areas of embarrassment are transformed into sources of pride.

Let’s dispel a common misconception: while liposuction works wonders in sculpting and refining specific areas, it is not a substitute for overall weight loss. If an individual is carrying excess weight that is well-distributed, liposuction may not yield the desired long-term results. The true brilliance of liposuction lies in its ability to address areas of disproportion, not requiring patients to be thin but rather focusing on specific concerns such as bulges or shapes that disrupt the harmonious flow with their surroundings.

Discover the transformative possibilities of liposuction as it targets and refines bulges in various areas of the body. Here’s a comprehensive guide to the commonly treated regions:



Experience the dramatic changes achieved through “submental” liposuction, enhancing jaw definition and restoring a youthful, sexy, healthy, and athletic appearance. This versatile treatment is sought after by both men and women.


While the abdomen is a frequently requested area, caution is advised to maintain the natural convexity essential for an ideal female proportion. Strategic liposuction in the flanks/hips/love handle area often yields more favorable results, avoiding potential masculinization.

Flanks/Hips/Love Handles

This area proves ideal for liposuction, addressing underestimated fat deposits and benefiting from thick skin that contracts effectively. Reshape your silhouette, tighten your belt, and bid farewell to the infamous “muffin tops.”


Liposuction of the back of the arms is a popular choice, especially for women storing disproportionate fat in this area. Enjoy a tremendous improvement in arm aesthetics, provided the skin exhibits good elasticity.


Target the area over the shoulder blades to refine and tighten, alleviating concerns about fat bulging on either side of the bra strap. Even subtle improvements here can make a noticeable difference.

Outer Thighs

Liposuction of the outer thighs creates a more svelte physique, but caution is advised to maintain a slight curve for an attractive and natural look. Balance is key, and wise consideration of adjacent areas like the hips ensures an ideal outcome.

Inner Thighs

A commonly requested area, liposuction of the inner thighs brings tangible improvements, enhancing comfort and fit in clothing. The reduction in thigh circumference also contributes to a more streamlined outer thigh appearance.


Address excess fat in the mons pubis area discreetly and significantly, enhancing confidence and clothing fit. Exercise caution to avoid over-treatment, understanding the unique dynamics of this region.


Liposuction procedures typically involve the use of local anesthesia, which numbs the targeted area, making the experience comfortable for the patient. Depending on the extent of the procedure and individual preferences, Dr. Stephenson may also recommend oral sedation or general anesthesia for a more relaxed state during the procedure.

Experience the remarkable fusion of art and science, where each contour tells a story of confidence and beauty.

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