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Irregular contours

This is the most noticeable signs of poorly performed liposuction, The treated area may appear lumpy, bumpy, or wavy rather than smooth.

Cause: Liposuction that’s performed either unevenly or too aggressively, or with LASER-Assisted liposuction too much energy is used in a focused area. This usually happens because liposuction was not the appropriate treatment choice, due to preoperative laxity (looseness). Performing liposuction on an area of skin laxity makes the laxity worse resulting in contour irregularities.

Solution: Correction is often difficult. It typically requires a creative plan that includes fat grafting over multiple sessions. This complication is most commonly seen with liposuction of the abdomen (stomach).


There’s a fine line between removing just enough and removing too much fat. The treated area will have a crater (caved-in) appearance flanked protruding fat around the crater.

Cause: Over-suctioning occurs during liposuction. This often happens because less experienced surgeons do not appreciate that these areas shift position while the patient is lying down for surgery versus when a patient is standing.

Solution: Correction is often difficult as well. Scar tissue makes treatment much more difficult. It typically and requires a creative plan that includes fat grafting over multiple sessions. This often happens on the inner thighs the followed by the lateral thighs. 

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It is hard to consider this a complication because it can occur with expertly executed liposuction; It can not necessarily be prevented. The result is darkened areas of skin especially in people of color.

Cause: This can be due to inadvertent injury to the blood vessels resulting in the deposition of hemosiderin (a pigment from broken-down red blood cells) that is released beneath the skin.

Solution: There is no tried and true solution. These areas may resolve on their own. Protecting the areas with sunscreen and UV protective clothing.

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